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PEAKY BLINDERS murderous merchandising.

It hasn't taken the enterprising Brummie Kevin Beresford very long to jump on the BBC 2 'Peaky Blinders' bandwagon and churn out the latest murderous merchandising connected to the trendy TV's six part series.

Hailing himself from Small Heath Kevin said,

' I was a young printing apprentice serving my time in the region back in the mid 60's and the old guys would often tell stories of the Peaky Blinders. One such story alleged of a 'revenge decapitation' outside the local 'Sailor's Return' pub. If this was true or not I don't know but it certainly highlights the monstrous myth that surrounds this violent sect.

When I initially saw the first episode of this highly original piece of filming I was blown away. The production values were very high. Coupled with the modern rock score, the whole thing was very quirky yet atmospheric. The deprived slum area with the odd fiery furnace, swirling ash and poverty stricken people was a vision from hell.

Going back again to the mid 60's the film reminded me of Arthur Penn's seminal film 'Bonnie and Clyde' which spawned a 'gangster fashion' clothing sensation.

Maybe, just maybe the Peaky Blinder's dress sense might spark off the same sort of fashion reaction. Hopefully without the sewn-in razor blades in the flat cap peaks.'

What it has spawned is a collection of 'PEAKY BLINDERS' merchandising. including  - a high quality mug featuring four real nefarious Peaky Blinder police mug shots.

Concluding Kevin stated, “Growing up in such an unfashionable area of Birmingham, as Small Heath was back then, and still is to be honest, it just seems amazing someone has produced a highly acclaimed work of art based on that location. Just amazing.”

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